U.S. Federal charges for trafficking and enslaving Indonesian citizens

Federal prosecutors charged a wealthy Long Island couple on Tuesday with keeping two Indonesian domestic workers as virtual prisoners in their home for more than five years under conditions they called “modern-day slavery,” beating one severely and paying them very little.

Source: Couple Held Two Servants Captive for Years, U.S. Says – New York Times

Caught this story making the headlines in Indonesia (Bahasa Indonesia version: Dua Pembantu Asal Indonesia Disiksa Majikan di New York). It is very good to know that the “Law and Order” in New York works very swiftly indeed.

The case comes to light in Sunday morning and by Tuesday the couple were already arrested and charged under federal law (which from my little understanding of U.S legal system is very serious indeed).

I wonder if the arresting detective sounds anything like Detective Briscoe? (I know, I know, this is not a homicide).