The end of an era…

Today was a sad day for us. Our family’s best friend went back, for good, to Indonesia. They’ve been here in Sheffield since 1999, even before we arrive in September 2000. We both only had one kid that year. Since then a lot has happened. Each family got one more kid. We started a whole series of annual events, sharing interests, the two most prominent ones being
camping and watching the extended editions Lord of the Rings… (Oh, let’s not forget the New Year eves….). Not one, not two, but three PhDs also emerged.
Sadly we have to part ways today. We decided to stay here, and they, as always planned, went back to Indonesia. Surprisingly there were no obvious tears at the airport (can’t say the same at the time of writing this post though 😦 ).

I sincerely hope we can always be in touch, good friends are hard to find, best friends are one in a million (cliche I know, but now I know why they became cliches!).

Cheers to Yandi, Mita, Bagus, and Tari! The end of the Third Age… The Fourth Age has begun!

The whole gang...