Sheffield vs Manchester vs Leeds

(Picture from BBC)
Apparently Sheffield has been chosed to represent the UK at Venice Biennale of Architecture (although I can’t really find it mentioned in its website).

I’ve lived in Sheffield for about 6 years now, plus a year back in 1996. I’ve always wondered why Leeds which is supposedly much smaller seemed more vibrant. The sidebar in the BBC article says it all: Sheffield is poorer, less educated, and shrinking working age population.

Personally, I love Sheffield, although it would be nice to have a Manchester-class airport with (almost) direct flights to Indonesia! Maybe some airline will start flying from Robin Hood.


One thought on “Sheffield vs Manchester vs Leeds

  1. Leeds is far larger than Sheffield- 760,000 people in Leeds compared to around 500,000 in Sheffield. So it’s gonna be more vibrant anyway. Having said that, Sheffield is like a sleeping giant. Meadowhall has sucked the life out of Sheffield; it’s shopping is worse than many towns across the UK.

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