3 thoughts on “Sabhnani couple in slavery case trial date

  1. the only reason the sabhnani’s haven’t received bail, and the reason that the case has been going on so long, is due to the fact that they are Indian. It’s clearly a racial thing, no way would a white person be put on trial with 3.5 million dollars bail! They didn’t murder anyone! This whole thing could be a scam, someone could be trying to ruin them. So people should’ve figured out by now it’s racial, definately.

  2. @anonymous: the only racists in this story are the Sabhnani’s. These racist slavers disgust me. And people who try to portrait racist slavers as victims also disgust me.

  3. @Noodle:

    I agree. A-ninny-mous obviously has no concept of how these inbred aristocrats view the “commoners”. Either that, or Pooja’s ever expanding ass got a friend to post on her family’s behalf.

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