Supernova in M82 galaxy

Supernova in M 82 observed by UCL’s University of London Observatory. Top: the galaxy on 10 December 2013. Bottom: the same galaxy at 19:20 UT on 21 Jan 2014, with the supernova labelled.



Coin is overrated, it’s Visa and MasterCard that’s doing a Netflix

Visa Debit Card by MoneyBlogNewz

Instead of Coin pulling a Netflix, it’s the duopoly Visa and MasterCard transforming the current credit and debit card.

It’s solving a non-existent problem: In the UK magnetic swipe is already obsolete. My credit and debit/ATM card are now a smartcard. And last year they’ve put NFC in. So no swiping ever.

Visa Debit Card, a photo by MoneyBlogNewz on Flickr.