Bitcoin is useless for money transfer


Transferring £200 from UK to Indonesia is still cheaper on Azimo than using Bitcoins.

Here are the numbers (on 4 Jan 2014):

  • On Azimo transferring £200 is £195 net of fee, this will give me IDR 3,806,226.61.
  • Buying £200 on Bittylicious will get me BTC 0.37092883.
  • Selling it in Indonesia via a local exchange at BTC/IDR rate 9,795,700 will only give me IDR 3,633,507.54.


No Internet access is NOT liberating


Not having high speed Internet sucks. I don’t believe people who say they’re “liberated” without Internet, or “technology makes us anti-social”.

The fact is high speed, convenient communication links makes me more efficient.

My company is an Internet company, both its products and the way it operates. It is not liberating when you can’t easily access your customers details, or download the latest product source code.

I update myself speedily by reading tweets, news feeds, ebooks.

I purchase things in minutes from shops that is also efficiently run without showrooms.

So come on VirginMedia, fix it quickly!

How to delete and unsubscribe your Audiko ringtones account

Dear Customer,

Thank you for contacting Audiko Customer Support.

To remove your account please follow the link below (you should be logged in):

Please note* Once you delete your account – all of your ringtones will be removed

We’re sorry for any inconvenience.
If the reason of your account removal is because of some service problems (hopefully, not).

Be sure to let us know the reason. We will do our best to fix the issues.

Best Regards,
Audiko Support Team.