How to use GTalk to update Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook Status

Use, that’s how. It took me a while to figure it out, especially since some of these services already talk to each other, like Twitter to Facebook. Now I can do GTalk updates, which in turn updates Twitter and LinkedIn. Twitter updates Facebook. Maybe at some point I will turn off Twitter to Facebook and let directly updates Facebook.

Qurbani to Indonesia with PortalInfaq UK

The charity where I am the trustee is accepting Qurbani to Indonesia.

The process is fully online, with all major credit and debit cards accepted.

Qurbani should be performed by all Muslims with means. So even if you are not going to offer it with PortalInfaq UK, just do it with whoever you are comfortable with.

Cool header image on my big sis’ blog

Check the header image on Sita’s musings. Cool, innit? Of course I would say so since two of the kids there are mine 🙂

The picture was taken during a holiday in Bali (highly recommended place to visit, by the way). We were waiting to board the Discovery submarine (yes, it’s a real submarine — small and electric, but real!).



Genesis Walking Men Polo 2007 Turn It On Again Tour on eBay Artists Groups, Music Memorabilia, Music

I am selling this shirt as surplus, bought two turn out only needed one.

  • Just bought from official merchandise stall in Manchester 7/7/07
  • Never worn or washed
  • Navy cotton polo shirt with walking men emb design on front
  • Plain on back
  • Size L (40-42″ chest)
  • Check out the list price on the official store (and they’re out of stock for size L at time of listing anyway)
  • No reserve
  • Genesis Walking Men Polo 2007 Turn It On Again Tour on eBay Artists Groups, Music Memorabilia, Music

    Sabhnani defense: The Indonesian is mentally ill and someone else burned her


    Defense attorneys for a Muttontown couple accused of enslaving two Indonesian women they hired as housekeepers filed a court brief late yesterday arguing that one of the women, who officials said had been tortured, had most likely inflicted the wounds on herself.

    ‘Slave’ suspects: Woman hurt self –


    So here we have some explanation, by the defense, of how “Jane Doe 1” (one of the Indonesian woman allegedly enslaved and tortured by the defendants) got her injuries:

    • She hurt herself,
    • And there’s another person, from Jakarta (that’s the capital city of Indonesia), which we didn’t know about until now.

    All allegations are denied by the defendants, and the pre-trial hearings continue.