No bail as yet and even more charges for Sabhnani couple

The affluent Muttontown couple accused of enslaving two Indonesian women will have to wait at least until Monday to determine whether a federal judge will release them on bail to home detention.

Source: No bail yet for couple accused in slave case –

I keep following with interest this case, and being curious how much I can get access to details, I tried to see whether you can see court documents on the web.

Enter PACER. You have to pay if you access scanned documents, but they won’t start charging until you reach US$10, and at 8 cents a page, that will be quite a lot of pages…

U.S. Federal charges for trafficking and enslaving Indonesian citizens

Federal prosecutors charged a wealthy Long Island couple on Tuesday with keeping two Indonesian domestic workers as virtual prisoners in their home for more than five years under conditions they called “modern-day slavery,” beating one severely and paying them very little.

Source: Couple Held Two Servants Captive for Years, U.S. Says – New York Times

Caught this story making the headlines in Indonesia (Bahasa Indonesia version: Dua Pembantu Asal Indonesia Disiksa Majikan di New York). It is very good to know that the “Law and Order” in New York works very swiftly indeed.

The case comes to light in Sunday morning and by Tuesday the couple were already arrested and charged under federal law (which from my little understanding of U.S legal system is very serious indeed).

I wonder if the arresting detective sounds anything like Detective Briscoe? (I know, I know, this is not a homicide).

Britain fails the foreigners we need


There is ample evidence that refusals are based on the prejudices and opinions of the entry clearance officers rather than on the basis of the Immigration Rules. This is a gross denial of justice.

Source: Immigration Advisory Service – News & media releases – Britain fails the foreigners we need

So that’s why a lot of my friend’s relatives visa and entry clearance application in Jakarta, Indonesia is refused…

One Laptop Per Child, will it go to Indonesia?


The backers of the One Laptop Per Child project plan to release the machine on general sale next year.

But customers will have to buy two laptops at once – with the second going to the developing world.

Source: BBC NEWS | Technology | Public can purchase $100 laptop

I wonder if developing world includes Indonesia. The government surely cannot afford $150 million to buy one million, so I guess Indonesia depends on the pairing initiative.

Sheffield vs Manchester vs Leeds

(Picture from BBC)
Apparently Sheffield has been chosed to represent the UK at Venice Biennale of Architecture (although I can’t really find it mentioned in its website).

I’ve lived in Sheffield for about 6 years now, plus a year back in 1996. I’ve always wondered why Leeds which is supposedly much smaller seemed more vibrant. The sidebar in the BBC article says it all: Sheffield is poorer, less educated, and shrinking working age population.

Personally, I love Sheffield, although it would be nice to have a Manchester-class airport with (almost) direct flights to Indonesia! Maybe some airline will start flying from Robin Hood.

Is Malaysia better than Indonesia?

Probably, but not by much according to Unspun. I have friend (Indonesian) who is absolutely nuts about Malaysia. But Indonesia’s actually been there first, during the Soeharto era, particularly 80s and 90s. We were stable, growing, hailed as an economic success. The price? 1998. So is Malaysia heading for a crash? Maybe, maybe not. But if you are an Indonesian that longs for the stability and certainty of the 80s, then you should go live in Malaysia.